ElephasApp is an AI Writing Tool and Personal Brain

One standout feature of ElephasApp is Super Brain - an innovative functionality that allows users to upload their own database and create customized language learning models

Effective writing has become increasingly important for clear communication in our digital age. Whether you're a professional writer or occasionally need to craft well-written content, having the right tools can greatly improve your writing experience. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out ElephasApp, an AI writing tool that has truly impressed me with its range of features. In this blog post, I'll share my firsthand experience and highlight some key aspects that make ElephasApp stand out.

A Convenient Floating Window Option:

Unlike other writing services, ElephasApp offers a unique floating window option.As you select a text a icon appears which you can click to get access to the app. This feature provides users with a dedicated interface where they can effortlessly generate various types of text without disrupting their workflow. The ability to quickly refine and adjust your text's tone within this floating window is a valuable asset for any writer striving for improved quality.
Super Brain: Personalized Language Learning Models:

One standout feature of ElephasApp is Super Brain - an innovative functionality that allows users to upload their own database and create customized language learning models. With Super Brain, you can engage in natural language conversations with your model and receive tailored responses based on your specific needs. This capability opens up exciting possibilities for personalized language assistance.

Super Chat: Elevating Conversational AI:

ElephasApp takes conversational AI to new heights through its advanced Super Chat feature. By leveraging the power of language learning models created using Super Brain, users can engage in seamless dialogue and obtain insightful responses from their model counterparts. Whether seeking advice or simply exploring creative ideas together, Super Chat facilitates productive interactions between humans and AI.

ElephasApp distinguishes itself by allowing users to upload substantial amounts of personal data into their language learning models via databases - up to 100 MB worth of files. To enrich your AI model's knowledge base, you can incorporate various file types, such as MD, PDF, Word documents, and URLs. Integrating significant amounts of personal information ensures more accurate and relevant responses from ElephasApp. The super brain and super chat are amazing features, but the user interface could use some improvement.

Available on Setapp: A Convenient Subscription-Based Service:

ElephasApp offers its services through a subscription-based model called Setapp. What sets this service apart is that it provides access to not only ElephasApp but also numerous other applications without requiring separate monthly payments for each one. By subscribing to Setup, users gain unlimited access to an array of valuable tools and resources for their writing needs.


In conclusion, ElephasApp has proven itself as a powerful AI writing tool that enhances the writing process with its range of features. From the convenient floating window option for text generation to Super Brain's personalized language learning models and the transformative Super Chat feature - ElephasApp offers writers new avenues for creativity and productivity. Additionally, its capacity for extensive data uploads and the convenience provided by the subscription-based service make it a compelling choice in today's market.
If you're looking to elevate your writing experience or streamline content creation processes, I highly recommend giving ElephasApp a try. Discover firsthand how this remarkable AI writing tool can empower you on your journey towards enhanced written communication!