Mastering A Comprehensive Guide

By indexing articles with Smart Citations, scite makes it easier for relevant literature to be found

Mastering A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the world of scientific research made easier with, an award-winning platform trusted by leading universities, publishers, and corporations worldwide. This Brooklyn-based startup is revolutionizing how researchers discover and evaluate scientific articles through Smart Citations.

Understanding Smart Citations

Smart Citations allow users to see the context around how an article is cited, along with a classification describing whether the citation provides supporting or contrasting evidence. By surfacing this contextual information, Smart Citations help researchers quickly evaluate the reliability and impact of an article.

Some key features of Smart Citations:

  • Contextual snippets show how the article is discussed in the citing paper
  • Classifications (Supports, Contrasts, Mentions) indicate if the citation affirms or disputes the cited claim
  • Aggregate metrics show the number of supporting and contrasting citations

Smart Citations save researchers time by showing how their work is being referenced at a glance, rather than having to dig through every individual citation instance.

How scite Improves Discoverability of Articles

By indexing articles with Smart Citations, scite makes it easier for relevant literature to be found. Here’s how:

  • Smart Citations drive traffic back to source articles, increasing visibility
  • Classifications highlight key articles that are well-supported or disputed
  • scite profiles provide insight into an article’s impact and discussion

This discoverability helps researchers find robust studies more efficiently. It also helps raise the profile and improve the dissemination of publisher and institute articles.

scite reports attract thousands of interested readers each week. Publishers and institutions that index with scite see significant traffic driven to their articles as a result.

Exploring Journal and Institutional Dashboards

scite offers tailored dashboards that showcase an organization’s publication portfolio. Publishers and institutions can use their dashboard to:

  • Discover which articles are most mentioned and discussed
  • See how their articles are being cited and classified
  • Identify influential publications and impactful authors
  • Track citations and scite Index metrics over time
  • Benchmark against other organizations

These insights help publishers and institutions monitor the performance and reception of their articles. It also helps them identify rising stars and develop more impactful content strategies.

The Unique Database of Citation Statements

Beyond article profiles, scite allows users to directly search the database of millions of indexed citation statements.

Researchers can:

  • Find mentions of studies or topics of interest across all publications
  • Surface relevant literature and open new avenues of research
  • Explore citation statements to evaluate evidence and ideas
  • Kickstart literature reviews and get suggested references

This database helps researchers quickly survey the landscape of discussion around their area of study.

Reference Check: Ensuring Quality References

Reference Check is a scite feature that helps researchers identify potential issues with the references they are citing. Users can upload a manuscript to have scite scan their bibliography for:

  • Retractions and editorial notices
  • Heavily contrasted studies
  • Preprint versions that may have newer published versions
  • Missing relevant citations

Reference Check gives authors peace of mind that they are reliably representing the state of science and haven’t missed important related work. This helps improve the quality and credibility of published research.

What Researchers are Saying about scite

scite has received glowing feedback from researchers across scientific disciplines.

They highlight how scite:

  • Saves time evaluating literature.
  • Provides unique insights into citation context.
  • Allows easy exploration of supporting and contrasting evidence.
  • Helps writers strengthen their bibliographies
  • Enables impact tracking of published articles

Researchers report that scite has become an indispensable tool in their workflow for discovering, evaluating, and contextualizing scientific literature.

Joining the scite Community

scite has an engaged community of users who are passionate about advancing science. Researchers can join the scite community to:

  • Collaborate and network with like-minded peers
  • Contribute to making science more transparent and reliable
  • Participate in surveys, focus groups, and pilot programs
  • Provide feedback to help improve scite’s products and mission

By bringing together stakeholders across science, medicine, academia, and industry, scite fosters discussion on elevating research practices.

Contact Information

To learn more about scite and how it can benefit your research or organization, visit the website at or contact the team at:

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