What's new in Amplenote

Amplenote introduces plugin support, improved tables and code blocks, enhanced attachments and image options, easier task management, upgraded mobile widgets, and natural language data integration.

What's new in Amplenote

Amplenote, the popular note-taking app, has recently introduced an array of new features that aim to revolutionize the way users take notes and manage their tasks. With these enhancements, Amplenote continues to be at the forefront of productivity tools by providing a comprehensive and customizable note-taking experience.

Let’s delve into the 15 exciting new features that have been added to Amplenote:

  1. Build Plugins: Amplenote now allows users to create plugins, expanding its functionality beyond standard note-taking capabilities. This feature empowers users to enhance their workflow by integrating custom tools and functionalities within the app.
  2. Improved Tables and Code Blocks: Users can now add details in tables with resizable columns, text alignment, and sorting options. Additionally, code blocks have been enhanced with syntax highlighting and IDE-like features for better code organization.
  3. Enhanced Attachments and Image Options: The attachment system in Amplenote has been upgraded to support PowerPoint, Excel, Word files along with other file formats. Moreover, image options now include centering and caption support for more visually appealing notes.
  4. Improved Filtering and Note Operations: Amplenote introduces improvements in reference filtering, quick open filters, and bulk note operations. These enhancements make it easier for users to filter notes, navigate the app, and perform actions on multiple notes simultaneously.
  5. Easier Task Management: Users can now open notes in the sidebar, collapse them, and conveniently drag and drop tasks between the sidebar and main editor. Additionally, task start dates can be specified using natural language dates for seamless task management.
  6. Upgraded Mobile Widgets: Apple Note’s mobile widgets have been upgraded to include task list and agenda view widgets. This allows users to stay organized on the go by accessing their tasks directly from their device’s home screen.
  7. Integrating Data in Natural Language: Amplenote now supports integrating and interpreting data written in natural language. Users can select task destinations effortlessly while adding images, further enhancing the note-taking experience.

These new features are a testament to Amplenote’s commitment to continuous improvement based on user feedback and evolving needs in productivity tools.

15+ New Features in Amplenote: Whats New?

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Amplenote aims to provide an intuitive platform that adapts to individual workflows while offering powerful features that enhance productivity across various domains. Whether you’re a student organizing your study materials or a professional managing complex projects, these new additions will undoubtedly elevate your note-taking experience.

To explore these features further and take advantage of all that Amplenote has to offer, visit their official website or download the app from your preferred app store today!

Note: The information mentioned above is based Keep Productive Feature of the same.


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