October Last Week Newsletter

Welcome to our last week of October newsletter! We're excited to share updates on some groundbreaking tools revolutionizing the world of knowledge work and research. Let's dive in!

October Last Week Newsletter

Lattics: A Brain-like PKM Tool 🧠

Lattics, a new Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) app developed by Aura Marker Studio, is revolutionizing how we manage and organize knowledge. It emulates brainlike interlinked concepts storage, supporting flashcards, atomic notes, mind maps and the Zettlekasten notetaking method. The app integrates CODE and PARA productivity frameworks to help users capture, organize and access information efficiently. Read more

AI's Impact on Knowledge Worker Productivity 💼

A recent study revealed that artificial intelligence (AI) can increase productivity by 12%, quality by 40% and speed by 25% for tasks within its capabilities. However, for work outside its abilities, AI decreased accuracy by 19%. This highlights the unpredictable nature of AI's effects on work processes. Learn more

Elicit: Your AI-Powered Research Assistant 📚

Elicit is an innovative tool designed to streamline your research journey. Developed by startup company Ought in collaboration with the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Elicit uses advanced natural language processing capabilities to help researchers quickly discover relevant papers and summarize evidence on a topic of interest. Explore here

scite.ai: Revolutionizing Scientific Research 🔬

scite.ai is transforming how researchers discover and evaluate scientific articles through Smart Citations. By indexing articles with Smart Citations, scite makes it easier for relevant literature to be found while also driving significant traffic to publishers' articles. Discover more

Consensus: Democratizing Access to Scientific Knowledge 🌐

Consensus is an AI-powered search engine designed specifically for scientific research. It aims to democratize access to scientific knowledge by summarizing insights directly from peer-reviewed studies, making academic research more easily discoverable and understandable. Find out more

Trinka AI: Your Ultimate Writing Assistant ✍️

Trinka AI is a revolutionary tool designed specifically for academic and technical writing. This powerful AI-powered English grammar checker and language enhancement assistant can transform your writing process, making it more efficient, accurate, and stress-free! Try it today