September Second Week Newsletter

Check out articles on AmpleNote, Capacities,, Tiago Forte's PARA Method, and "Building a Second Brain"

September Second Week Newsletter

Welcome to the September Second Week Newsletter, I hope you all had a great weekend. I try to stick to the weekly newsletter cadence. Unless I have some major relationship or health issues, I am able to maintain this cadence, but with a lot of help from AI writing assistants.

Confession - I use AI for 75% of my content on this blog.

The use of AI has made it possible for me to write every day. I mean, I just come up with the ideas and the rest of the work is done by AI tools. So far, they all seem credible, they do read dry, but when you have to convey facts, you don’t need subjective opinion.

It is impossible for me to use every note-taking app out there, So I stick to AI for apps which I have never used but still deserve to be written about. In my research, I have learnt that there are not so many reviews done for these app. I am still not getting into the obscure apps. There are many solo-founders apps who deserve a worthy mention.

A lot of people tell me why I don’t mention it in every post I publish, I tell them that I don’t want to make it easy for the search engines to know upfront and then punish me. They would not only punish me, but they would punish all the apps I am covering. I feel my readers are smart enough to know the AI content. Also, since I read all my content with AI summarisation, I feel my readers also do the same thing.

How about a chat interface built inside Gmail

I find Gmail search extremely frustrating, last week a founder offered me a paid plan free in exchange of beta feedback, I just cannot find that email in search. I hate to trouble the other party again. A chat like interface in Gmail would have been wonderful. Why is google so behind the curve. I hope some developer comes up with a chat like feature in an email. We have all been now emailing for good 25/30 years and will have a massive amount of information in our email.

Fresh Articles This Week

What’s New in AmpleNote?

Amplenote, a note-taking app, has introduced 15 new features to enhance user experience. These include plugin support, improved tables and code blocks, enhanced attachments and image options, improved filtering and note operations, easier task management, upgraded mobile widgets, and natural language data integration. These features aim to provide an intuitive platform that adapts to individual workflows while offering powerful features that enhance productivity across various domains. Read more about the latest features of AmpleNote here.

A First Look at Capacities and Its Goal of Focusing Your Mind

Capacities is a new app that helps users organize their thoughts, create lasting knowledge, and focus their minds. It offers features such as custom content types, visual views, markdown support, and integrations. It also has transparent pricing plans and data protection policies. Dive into our detailed review of Capacities here to discover how it can boost your productivity.

Review of Enhancing Memory with AI is revolutionizing the way we capture and recall information by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. This intelligent note-taking tool automatically captures important details from various sources and creates a knowledge base for effortless retrieval. Learn more about’s features and functionalities in our comprehensive review here.

Tiago Forte’s The PARA Method Released August 15th

Tiago Forte’s groundbreaking book “The PARA Method” offers a systematic approach to organizing digital information effectively. By implementing the PARA (Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives) framework, readers can optimize their digital workflows and enhance their productivity. Discover more about this game-changing methodology in our review here.

Book Review: Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte

“Building a Second Brain” by Tiago Forte is a must-read for anyone seeking to unlock their creative potential and manage information overload. This book introduces the concept of a “second brain,” which acts as an external repository for capturing ideas, insights, and knowledge. Explore our comprehensive review of this transformative book here to discover how it can revolutionize your approach to learning and productivity.

Some Updates

1. Retronote now lets you publish eBooks in epub format and yes it also supports bi-directional links, so in case you want to publish your documents into a book, retronote just takes the hashtag and publishes your documents.

2. I also, run a small club on Omnivore, where I share articles on this blog, in case you are on Omnivore, join us there.

3. I love mastodon, it is all what Twitter should be but lacks the mass audience, I use this iOS client called Mammoth and Mastonaut on the mac. Follow me at @pkmone@pkmsocial

4. Matter another read later app, now lets you send podcast, and you can highlight and takes notes while listening to the same. I think the snipd has a better interface for podcast highlighting.

Hope you found the content useful, so write to me at, would love some feedback!

Happy Learning!

The KnowledgeWork Team